When to go and weather

High season (Dec-Feb):

At Christmas and New Year prices are more expensive and minimum stays of 10 days may be required. The best climate; little rain, little humidity and blue skies.

Mid season (Mar-Apr):

The surf season begins, prices tend to get more expensive at Easter. Increase in temperatures.

Low season (May-Nov):

Lower prices except in August (European holidays). In the west of the atoll the aquatic fauna is more varied. Good weather, although probability of storms and rain.

Entry and visa requirements:

All Spanish citizens need to have a valid passport to enter the country. Upon entry to the country, you will be provided with a 30-day visa free of charge.


The official currency in the Republic of the Maldives is the Maldivian rupee (MVR), better known as rufiyaa. In any case, all transactions with tourists are made with US dollars or with a credit card. (1 euro = 17 Maldivian rupees).


It is advisable to visit the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the event of any possible travel alert to the country.


It is advisable to travel with private travel insurance. No vaccination is required to enter the country, but it is advisable to visit a doctor specializing in international medicine to follow his recommendations before traveling.