Holidays to Maldives for families

Holidays to maldives for families

The pearls of the Indian Ocean, as it is popularly known, are situated in the South West of Sri Lanka, on the equator.

The numerous coral reef islands, 1,190 in total, form an archipelago of 26 major atolls (groups of neighbouring coral islands).

Origins of the Maldivians is not very certain. Early settlers were travellers on the Silk Route, and from the Indus Valley Civilisation.

The Maldives has built much of its tourism industry on the desert-island ideal: the fantasy of simplicity, tranquillity, beach and sea. Of course, the fact that many places also provide a butler, a gourmet restaurant and a fleet of staff who cater to your every whim makes the whole experience somewhat more luxurious than being a real castaway.

You’ve come to the right place if this is your main interest. The Maldives’ top-end resorts (and even some of its midrange options) offer an eye-watering range of treat- ments, pampering and general luxury.

Currently indispensible in the luxury industry is the personal thakuru, or butler, otherwise known as a ‘man Friday’ or ‘villa host’. The thakuru is assigned to you throughout your stay.

He’s your point of contact for all small things (restocking the minibar, reserving a table for dinner), but given that one thakuru will often be looking after up to 10 rooms at a time, the term ‘personal’ is pushing it a bit, especially when even in the best hotels in the country there are often language problems and some service issues.

The home of pampering at most resorts is the spa. Until recently they were considered optional for holidays to maldives for families, whereas now they are usually at the very centre of the luxury experience.

On meeting you at the airport, your resort representative will usually take your ticket and/or passport for the duration of your stay, which is quite normal in the Maldives.

Unless you arrive in the late afternoon or evening, you’ll soon be transferred to your resort – either by a waiting dhoni, speedboat, airplane or seaplane from the nearby lagoon airport. You may have to wait for other passengers to get through customs. You can use US dollars or euros at the airport cafe, and change cash into rufiyaa at the bank.

Travellers arriving after dark may have to spend a night at the airport hotel or at a hotel in Male; seaplane transfers are not carried out after dark for obvious reasons, and so they generally do not leave Male after 4pm. Speedboat transfers can be done at any time of day or night.

On arrival at the resort you’ll be given a drink, asked to fill out a registration form and taken to your room to enjoy your holidays to maldives for families. Resort staff will bring your luggage separately.

Room Types for holidays to maldives for families

Most resorts have several types of room, ranging from the cheapest ‘Superior Garden Villas’ to the ‘Deluxe Over-Water Suites’.

A ‘Garden Villa’ will not have a beach frontage, and a ‘Water Villa’ will be on stilts over the lagoon.

If you’re bringing children to the Maldives, it’s very important to get your choice of resort right, as only some resorts have kids clubs or babysitters available, and activities for older children can be limited at resorts more used to welcoming honey- mooning couples. If you aren’t looking for kids clubs and your offspring are happy to spend the day on the beach, then almost every resort will be suitable.

Note that Komandoo Island Resort doesn’t accept children aged under six and W Retreat & Spa doesn’t accept children under 12.

In general kids will love the Maldives, although more than a week might be pushing it unless you’re staying in a big family resort where there are plenty of other children for them to play with and lots of activities. Nowadays nearly all top-end resorts have kids clubs, and these can be impressive places, with their own pools and a host of activities, which mean parents can drop off kids (usually under 12) at any time, for free during the day

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